Old Chapel Cohousing

Stroud, Gloucestershire


The first co-flats scheme in the UK

The Old Chapel project is the first co-flats scheme in the UK. Based on the Danish model, cohousing is a form of collaborative housing that aims to create a real sense of community. The scheme comprises 14 flats with a shared ‘common flat’.

The previously vast open spaces of the chapel have been in filled with a complex timber structure to create the units. The layout of the scheme achieves extremely low heat loss from each unit.

There is an electric car owned communally to the scheme whose batteries are recharged by power from the wind turbine on the front elevation. At the rear there is a covered bicycle store and communal landscaped sitting areas.

The first co-flats scheme in the UK

Project details


The Cohousing Company Ltd

Start date

November 2006

Completion date

May 2007

Gross Internal Floor Area


Construction cost


Project partners

TADCL Construction Ltd
E&M West

“Potter Church & Holmes have worked on a variety of projects for me. They produced innovative, well thought-out designs, making the most of the space available, for competitive prices. The team worked efficiently to produce high quality buildings, and put great consideration into ways of making the final product sustainable and ecologically friendly.”
David Michael, client