This new Multi-Storey Car Park (MSCP) is starting on site early in 2014 and will form part of St. Petersfield, a new business quarter within half a mile of Ashton?under?Lyne town centre.

The new MSCP will be a steel structure, its 3.5 parking levels accommodating a total of 240 car spaces including 10 spaces dedicated for disabled persons use, and 44 spaces dedicated to serve the adjoining Magistrates Court.

The corten metal fin features will remove headlight glare affecting the residential areas to the east and north.
To the south a mesh cladding will reveal the elegant and finely detailed steel structure of the building and well as the activity it contains. The stair and lift towers will be clad in an angled zinc paneling and provide a bright modern and clean setting for the pedestrian access to the building.

Article on Tamside Business Family.